The PIAT-R NU (Peabody) testing kit is out of print as of November 2015. The test is still recognized as a nationally normed standardized achievement test by most school districts in MN and by most states in the U.S. that require standardized testing.  (It is unclear at this time whether the test will be updated and then carried by another vendor.)   I will continue to offer the Peabody as long as it is an accepted test. Families continue to find it to be an accessible, useful tool in assessing their children's working knowledge. Most families find the results to be "spot on" in terms of their child's achievement level.   
For those who would like a different achievement test, I have expanded my WJ-III NU Testing kit, so the WJ -III Standard version can be taken annually by any child whether or not that child has "topped" out the Peabody test. The results now yield a Brief Achievement score.  You can read more about that assessment and my rates under Testing Options.
Let me know if I can answer any questions about which test to use by emailing me at or by using my Contact form.  Learn more: quick comparison of the WJ-III NU and the PIAT-R NU.