Testing can be really stressful for Jacob because of his disabilities, and he felt so comfortable with you and positive about how it went.  ~ Monica

Straightforward results!  ~ James

Ann helps lessen test anxiety.  My daughter is now prepared for the pre-ACT and beyond!  ~ Tanika

I am very thankful that you came to our house to test me! Thank you, Ann, for all your support, for your support of others, and your kind, warm soul. ~ Carlos

Thank you for making testing something to look forward to each year!  We really enjoy your sweet spirit.  ~ Rhonda

Thanks for your help over the last 11 years!  I especially want to thank you for your patience with Jonathan.  A lot of people would have lost patience and walked away.  You stuck in there and found a way to make it work for all of us.  I truly believe that it is the patience and understanding from you and a few others in his life that have allowed hime to mature into the anxiety free person that he is today.  Thank you!!!   ~ Elaine

Ann Mathews-Lingen is beyond awesome as a tester.  She is accommodating, flexible, unflappable, reasonably priced and nice. ~ Bridget

Ann makes my kids feel so comfortable…and she helps me with any of my questions/anxieties too! (It is a bit nerve-wracking having your kids tested when you have been guiding the learning process.). So, if you want a nonjudgmental, gentle approach, I highly recommend her!  ~ Margaret

The testing was thorough and professionally handled, yet very child-friendly. My daughter didn't seem to stress at all!! We received favorable results. The school is working with us on advancement, so that my daughter remains interested and challenged. ~ Shelly - mother of a public school student

My children had nothing but good things to say about the experience, and Ann gave us tools to better instruct our children. ~ Dave

Ann is fantastic!  A homeschool mom who really does whatever she can to make the test comfortable for you child. ~ Mandy

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with you the past couple of years, and I know the boys rather enjoyed the tests, even though there was some preliminary trepidation the first time!  Thanks for all that you do. ~ Patrick

It was a great experience for all of them.  I never thought I'd be able to say that any of the kids enjoyed their standardized testing, but now I honestly can. Many thanks for your calming, professional demeanor, and ability to put all three at ease.  We are very satisfied! ~ Audrey

We just had Ann come over to test our 7 yr old, Kyle, for the first time (for all of us). It went very well, she totally gets unschooling and is supportive of whatever you are called to do. Kyle was very apprehensive about doing this and she made it fun and comfortable for him. I would highly recommend her if you are considering the Peabody. For me, it was easier than trying to get Kyle to sit down and do a test with me, he loves his freedom! ~ Roberta 

Lovely rapport. Our son was very reticent going into the testing but quite happy by the end! ~ Alice

We also use Ann, and my daughter ask all year long, "When do I get to test again?" She's really a great tester. ~ Laura

Ann is wonderful. My son looks forward to her visit each year. When Ann left after his first test Mark wanted to know when she could come back so he could do it again. ~ Jane

We've always had good experiences. I choose not to stay in the room, but I often hear my daughter laughing in there. ~ Sandy

Thanks again for the great experience. It was such a confidence booster for Josie. My husband commented today, "Did something change with Josie in the past few days?" ~ Deb

We feel happy to know we can still use your services, it makes us very comfortable with our homeschooling. ~ client in United Arab Emirates

Derick is feeling great about his experience with you and how non-stressful it was...especially compared to his previous testing experiences in public school. Thanks for making it such a fantastic memory for him.  ~ Susan