A Chance to Grow - outpatient rehabilitative services in NE Mpls.  https://actg.org/programs-services/outpatient-rehabilitation-services
Fraser Academy - provider of autism & early childhood mental health services https://www.fraser.org
Groves Academy - comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations  https://www.grovesacademy.org/diagnostics/diagnostic-assessments-at-groves-academy/
Highland Friendship Club - social club for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. http://www.highlandfriendshipclub.org/about-us/our-history
Learning Disabilities from A to Z by Smith & Strick
McDonald Eye Care - providing vision therapy in Lakeville MN since 1999.  https://www.mcdonaldeyecare.com/services/vision-therapy
MN Council of Gifted & Talented- psychologists in Resource section do assessments   https://mcgt.net/mentalhealthprofessionals