All About Spelling
a progressive, hands-on, phonics-based spelling curriculum 
ages 16-19 tuition-based.
fun math item for Grades 2-5 that are problem-solving/challenge-based

Brave Writer 
educational trivia cards, workbooks & apps that are good family fun 
Buyers club discounts on curriculum etc.

Khan Academy
Provides a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Logic of English
a phonics/spelling rule based Spelling curriculum.

DVD program that breaks down skills into doable lessons
Make unlimited free printable worksheets

Mental Math
Mental Math in the Middle Grades and Mental Math for Junior High are good supplements
fee-based courses for junior high/high school students based on skill level not age.

Rainbow Resources
1-888-841-3456 has a wealth of creative ideas for working with your kids on almost every topic
sequential learning on several topics including Spelling & Grammar - free & subscription levels available

Summit Academy
FREE accredited vocational training program in Mpls, MN.

The Thinking Tree Branch
A Branch an extension of the Thinking Tree

Used Curriculum
used curriculum and more site