Minnesota’s Yearly Testing Requirement

Minnesota homeschoolers are required to test annually. The specific statute relating to testing is Minn. Stat. 120A.22, subd. 11, which states that children ages 7-17 not enrolled in public school must be assessed yearly using a “nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination.”

Each year, you must report on your yearly Letter of Intent to the superintendent (and they must agree to) which test you plan to use, who will administer the exam and where the exam will take place. Results and your receipt for any testing expenses you incur should be kept as your proof of having tested. You do NOT, however, need to report the results of those tests to your district. The testing results are for your information only. (If a "child's performance on the total battery score is at or below the 30th percentile or one grade level below the performance level for children of the same age, the parent must obtain additional evaluation of the child's abilities and performance for the purpose of determining whether the child has learning problems.")

You may use your receipt for your tax records OR you may turn a copy of the receipt into your school district for reimbursement if you wish to make us of the Non-public School Textbook Aid allotted by the MN Dept of Education.

Most school districts in the greater metro area accept either the Peaboy or the Woodcock Johnson; however, if you are not sure, you should contact your superintendent and ask if they will accept it. You are allowed to change your choice of test at any point during the year, just be sure to contact your superintendent's office to update the test information on your form.