Grade Equivalency pre-K - >18.0 K->12.9
Format Nationally normed achievement test
Non-bracketed, Untimed, 1-2 hours depending on version
Nationally normed achievement test, Non-bracketed, Untimed, 45-60 minutes 
Norms 2007 1998

Pronunciation list
Reading Comp (fill-in blank)
Spelling - dictation
Applied Math (no response set, scratch paper allowed)
Academic Knowledge (open ended questions)
Note: Extended and Extended Plus versions have additional sub-tests

Pronunciation list
Reading Comp (multiple choice)
Spelling (multiple choice) 
Applied Math (multiple-choice, no scratch paper, accommodation available)
Academic Knowledge (open ended questions)

 Scoring Tester emails 4 reports to you within a week of appointment  Provided at the appointment
 Cost  $75-$175 depending on version  $55-$60 (Skype & groups of 3+ students discounted to $55 each)
 Mileage Fee 15 miles free or charge 
no charge for return trip
15 miles free or charge 
no charge for return trip
 Accepted Most School Districts/States
Davidson Institute-Young Scholars program (Extended)
Most School Dists/States
SSDI recertification