How to Schedule your test with Ann

There are two ways to schedule a testing appointment with Ann.

1. Email your request using the form on my Request an Appointment page.

2. Call me at 651-503-9262.

Testing Fees Overview

The Woodcock-Johnson IV is $95.

The Woodcock-Johson III NU is $75.

The Peabody is $55. 

If you need to order a duplicate score report for either of the Woodcock-Johnson tests, the fee is $25.

Homeschoolers in MN need to test their kids each year with a nationally normed achievement test, once they are 7 by October 1st.

There are a variety of testing instruments to choose from, so how do you pick?  Keep in mind your chid’s learning style, needs and temperament as you consider your options. Here are some considerations:

1.  Timed versus Untimed

2. Bracketed, testing content at your child’s grade, versus Non-bracketed, allowing child to answer more and more difficult content until a threshold is met - giving true Grade Equivalency in each area.

3. Cost

4. How the test is administered:  Written & administered at home, or with a proctor, or at a coop setting; testing online on your own; testing one-on-one supported by a test administrator either in person or online.

5. Timing of administration:  Specific time of year to order and administer as set out by the seller of the test versus any month of the year, September – August, as you determine when it would be best to have the testing done.

6. Length of the test:  Several hours in one sitting or over several days versus 45-60 minutes

7. How soon are the testing results made available: Months or weeks afterward versus within a couple of days or at the end of the appointment.

I have a list of some of the test options/providers under Resources.  I’m happy to answer questions about your decision on what test to use and any questions about the WJ-III or Peabody, untimed, non-bracketed, individually administered tests that I offer.