The WJ-III NU ACH is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test and is individually administered by a trained examiner. (It is a revised and expanded version of the WJ-R.) The Normative Update was published in 2007, which included over 8,000 individuals ages 2-90 years old, including undergraduate and graduate students. The test is oral in format and almost conversational in tone. I strive to keep the testing experience casual and non-intimidating for your child. The WJ-III Standard has 5 subtests and takes 60-90 minutes to administer, but the exam is not timed. The WJ-III NU ACH can be administered year round and will assess K-Graduate grade level (>18.0) equivalency.

The WJ-III Standard is offered at a fee of $75 per student. The Standard testincludes 5 subtests that meet the MN Homeschooling Law's requirement for a standardized achievement test. Subtests include Letter Word Recognition (Reading Recognition), Passage Comprehension (Reading Comprehension), Applied Math (Math), Spelling and Academic Knowledge (Science, Social Studies, Humanities). Typically, kids take this test after they have topped the PIAT-R, but it can be used at any age. This test is offered via Zoom, Skype or Facetime (Apple). 

Individual Testing

This test is non-bracketed, which means that a child can rise to his or her ability, rather than being confined to questions at their chronological grade level. Each child is assessed using the material appropriate to age and level of accomplishment, working toward higher material until he/she answers incorrectly 3-6 consecutive items, depending on the subtest.

Testing works best one-on-one with parent in another room. If you decide to join us for your child's testing session, but please refrain from commenting, rephrasing questions, taking notes, recording or reviewing incorrect answers after completion of the test. We want your child to be at ease and feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion of our session.

WJ-III NU ACH Subtests

Letter Word Identification (Reading Recognition):  This is an oral test of reading skills.  The subject reads words aloud from an increasingly difficult vocabulary list.  Pronunciation is assessed.

Passage Comprehension (Reading Comprehension): This subtest measures the child's understanding of what was read.The child reads a sentence silently and then decides on a specific word needed in the blank to make the sentence complete. Vocabulary level increases throughout the section.

Applied Problems (Mathematics): The examiner reads story problems to the child who also has them in the test book to read along. There is no multiple-choice response set. The child must be able to analyze, recognize the procedure to follow and calculate the answer.The problems do not require paper and pencil to calculate, but the child is allowed to use scratch paper.

Spelling: The examiner dictates increasingly difficult spelling words to the child, who writes them down on the paper provided.Contextual sentences are provided.

Academic Knowledge: This combined subtest measures the child's general encyclopedic knowledge in the content areas of Science, Social Studies, & Humanities.Open-ended questions are read aloud and the child responds orally.Both reasoning and factual knowledge are needed to answer the items, but names and dates are not emphasized.


With the WJ-III NU ACH, a computerized Score Summary is generated to obtain the most accurate scoring profile. You will receive a Score Summary from me, via mail, within one week of our appointment.The WJ-III Standard yields Grade Equivalency & Percentile Scoring for each subtest area. A Brief Achievement score is given, which is a measure of Reading, Writing & Math.