2022 Minnesota Statutes
Full text of statute 120A.22 COMPULSORY INSTRUCTION.

2022 Minnesota Statutes - Reporting
Full text of statute 120A.24 REPORTING 

Academic Excellence:  online version of the CAT

Christian Liberty Academy
1-847-259-8736  Rents 1970s version of CAT.  Description of how to interpret.

College Prep/Entrance Exams

The Pre-ACT (with Career Inventory) is offered by local MN coops such as HERO (9th & 10th) and South Heights (10th) and is a nationally normed achievement test. It has replaced the Explore, PLAN & ACT-Aspire. Check coop websites for current dates, fees & grades allowed to take the assessment.  
The PSAT (10th) can be taken at your local public school. The SAT (11th & 12th) is considered to be a college placement test. Many districts do not accept the PSAT or the SAT for the achievement test requirement for homeschoolers.
The ACT (11th or 12th) can be registered for and taken at many sites on many different dates. It is a nationally normed achievement test. It can be taken multiple times. ACT.org
The SAT an entrance exam used by colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test administered by the College Board

Fair Test
studies and political action regarding standardized testing. 20 states don’t require testing – WI is one of them

Family Learning Organization
Offers SAT 10, CAT/6, CTBS, CAT/5, CAT/5 Survey. You are allowed 2-3 weeks to take. Wait 1-3 weeks for scores. 1-800-405-8378

Hewett Homschooling Resources
1-360-835-8708. Rents Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS) test. Bracketed - questions centered around one grade level. Not nationally normed – scores (national percentile & approximated grade level) are compared to national populations Untimed. Take test 2x per year six months apart in Oct & April. You’re allowed 4 weeks to take the test. Results in 4-6 weeks

Homeschool Legal Defense Association
copy and analysis  of homeschooling law in MN

Minnesota Statewide Testing Program
(U of M)  612-626-1803. Offers Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Stanford Achievement test. Bracketed. Grade equivalency not based on answering questions in that grade. 

MN Dept of Education
copy of MN statute regarding homeschooling law (MN. State. Ann. 120A.22

Peabody Individual Achievement Test
I am no longer offering this instrument due to its age, and the demand for other updated instruments; however,  I can make a referral to a colleague if you would like to continue to use it.

Seton School: rents the TerraNova2/CAT/6

A nationally normed achievement test taken online or proctored in a group at a local site.   

Sycamore Academy
1-800-779-6750. Rents Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS). Bracketed. Needs credentialed teacher or certified test administrator to administer.

Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement
I am currently taking new clients. The Standard version can be done via Skype or in person. The Extended/Extended Plus versions must be done in person. It measures achievement level through >18.0.